950P Air Purifier for Large Spaces

950P Air Purifier for Large Spaces

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Designed for spaces up to 3,500 square feet, the commercial "Delos powered by Healthway" 950P is the perfect system for large spaces such as schools, open offices, and large congregation venues. The 950P is modular, using casters to enable ease of movement throughout a space. Patented "DFS" technology delivers advanced purification with a system specifically designed to reduce ultrafine particles in the air, reduce the presence of microorganisms in the air and prolong filter life by inhibiting the growth of captured microorganisms.  


  • Coverage - 3,500 square feet*
  • System Efficiency – high CFM rate with low energy consumption
  • Mobile Design – built-in 3.5” safety lock swivel casters and full width handle for easy movement
  • Multiple Fan Speeds – four fan speeds for ease of control
  • DFS Filtration Efficiency – 99.99% aggregate removal of particles down to 0.007 micron**
  • Independent Air Flow/Distribution Control – to facilitate placement anywhere in the space
  • Patented V-Bank Filter – increases surface area and provides higher dust loading capacity
  • Ease of Maintenance – quick release filter access from the back side of the unit
Supplier Healthway
Maximum dimensions 18" (W) × 28" (D) × 48" (H)
Weight 155 lbs
Fan Speeds Turbo, High, Medium, Low
Voltage/Frequency 100-240V AC, 50-60Hz
Power Consumption 100(W) to 560(W)
CFM 300 (low) to 950 (turbo)

*Square footage calculations are based on device CFM rates, 8 foot ceilings and a minimum of 2 air exchanges per hour
**Individual particle sizes and specific particle size ranges may have different filtration efficiency rates.