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Introducing Delos Advanced Air Purification Solutions

A Solution for Every Room

Featuring technology tested to remove particles down to 40X smaller than HEPA filter standards, Delos Advanced Air Purification systems are modular, plug-and-play and perfect for any space.

Compact Air Purifier in a home with blue painted walls

Intellipure Compact

Up to 545 square feet

Designed for smaller spaces. Perfect for classrooms, bedrooms, personal offices and hotel rooms.


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Large room air purifier

Intellipure 468

Up to 1,000 square feet

Designed for medium to larger spaces. Perfect for living rooms, meeting spaces and large classrooms.


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Commercial Grade Air Purifier by Delos in office building

Intellipure 950P

Up to 3,500 square feet

Designed for large, open spaces such as lobbies, open offices, restaurants, gyms and auditoriums.


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We Care About Air


Delos Advanced Air Purification units delivered to schools


Efficient at trapping and removing particles as small as 0.007 microns*

3+ million

Students enrolled in schools with Delos Advanced Air Purification**

We do the research so you don’t have to

Delos Labs has evaluated over 600 products against our product criteria, including nearly 150 air purifiers, air quality sensors, and other air quality-related products.

Our Process is Simple


Understanding the fundamental impact of the indoor environment on health and well-being.


Identifying environmental and behavioral risk factors specific to the project.

Solutions & Recommendations

Providing solutions designed to improve health and well-being.

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Learn from Our Experts on Air

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Compact Air Purifier in Office

A HEPA Filter Does Not Guarantee HEPA Efficiency Outcomes

Learn about how the Intellipure Compact exceeds the HEPA benchmark, and other HEPA devices, when operating in a real-world environment.

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Key Factors that Impact Indoor Air

Unpack what's important to consider when choosing an air purification solution and Key Factors that Impact Indoor Air.

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