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Recently featured on Good Morning America for its outstanding performance in classroom environments. Plug it in and begin to experience cleaner, healthier air.

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Manufacturer Specifications


Meet the unit trusted by some of the nation’s largest school districts

We have provided over 250,000+ units to school districts that represent over 3 million students across America.

Covers up to 1,000 square feet

The Intellipure 468 is perfect for all types of medium to large rooms and spaces. From larger particles like allergens and pet dander all the way down to ultrafine particles, such as bacteria and airborne viruses, we’ve got you covered. 

The size of your space matters. Not the right fit? Consider one of our other models.

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Why We Recommend

Not all air purification systems are created equal, and unfortunately some do not live up to their own claims.

To find the best air purification product possible, Delos Labs evaluated over 160 air quality products against our product criteria, which led us to our manufacturing partner. We chose to partner with them because of their impressive patented technology, which is highly efficient at tackling ultrafine particles.

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Our product evaluation process prioritizes human health and wellness, and the performance of a product in real world conditions.

The Intellipure 468 features patented Disinfecting Filtration System (DFS) technology to capture and deactivate particles, bacteria and viruses.

The result? The Intellipure 468 is tested to remove particles down to 40 times smaller than HEPA filter standards and can capture ultrafine particles as small as 0.007 microns at 99.99% efficiency.*

This includes removal of particles like pet dander, smoke, bacteria and airborne viruses, such as SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19.

Note: Each particle size shown here is an estimated mean. Each will have a range of sizes. Visual depictions are not to scale.

Intellipure 468

Up to 1,000 square feet

13.4" (W) x 10.6" (D) x 30.3" (H)

27 lbs

Fan Speeds

Filter Schedule
Pre Filter: 6 months

Post Filter: 6 months

Main Filter: 9-12 months

458 m3/h (269 cfm)

Power Supply
100-240V AC, 50-60Hz

Energy Consumption
95 W (max)

47 - 66 dB


UL 2998 certified for zero ozone emissions (≤5 ppb) California Air Resources Board (CARB) certified (EO# G-20-270) for minimum ozone emissions (≤50 ppb)

Activation Made Easy

Simple and quick installation

Simply unbox the unit, remove the plastic from the filter, and plug it in. The unit can stand alone or be wall-mounted.

Ease of maintenance

Quick and easy filter maintenance and replacement. If the unit is in constant use, we recommend changing the Pre Filter and the Post Filter every 6 months and the Main Filter every 9-12 months.

"It's about providing peace of mind; for our teachers, students, and staff. Delos helped us get there."

Karl Ertle
President, Walsh Jesuit High School

Frequently Asked Questions

What pollutants does Intellipure 468 remove?

Intellipure 468 is designed to remove everything from coarse to ultrafine airborne particles, including pollen, pet dander, dust, smoke and particles that may be carrying bacteria or viruses. The carbon filter in Intellipure 468 also removes common gaseous pollutants and odors. 

How big of an area can Intellipure 468 clean?

Intellipure 468 is great for spaces that are up to 1,000 square feet (with a standard ceiling height of 8 feet or less), providing two air changes per hour (ACH). If your space is slightly larger than 1,000 square feet (or has tall ceilings), you can use two Intellipure 468 units, or consider our larger model, Intellipure 950P.

Does Intellipure 468 emit ozone?

Intellipure 468 is certified to the most stringent standard for ozone emissions, UL 2998, for zero ozone emissions (<0.005 ppm). Intellipure 468 is also certified to UL Standard 867 and California Resources Board (CARB) for low ozone emissions (<0.05 ppm).

How does the Intellipure 468 compare to HEPA purifiers?

Intellipure 468 exceeds the HEPA filter standard (requiring 99.97% efficiency at 0.3 microns). Based on independent testing results (EN-1822) of the performance of the total device, Intellipure 468 is 99.992% efficient at filtering particles that are 0.3 microns in size.

How often do I need to change the filters?

Filter replacement frequency will vary based on daily usage, as well as ambient pollution levels. A red “Change Filter” light indicates that the filter needs to be replaced. If Intellipure 468 is in constant use, we recommend changing the Pre-Filter and the Post-Filter every 6 months, and the Main Filter every 9-12 months. For filter replacement and maintenance, please follow the instructions in the user manual. 

How many fan speeds does Intellipure 468 have? How do I switch between them?

Intellipure 468 has 11 fan speed settings. Touch the Fan Speed bar to increase or decrease the fan speed by increments of four. Touch the small/large Fan symbol to increase or decrease the fan speed by increments of two. To activate Turbo Mode, touch the Turbo Mode button (once Turbo Mode is activated, all buttons on the control panel will become illuminated). To deactivate Turbo Mode, touch the speed bar. 

What is Sleep Mode and how do I put Intellipure 468 on Sleep Mode?

When the unit is in Sleep Mode, all indicator lights on the control panel will be dimmed, and only the Power button and Sleep Mode button will be lit. To activate Sleep Mode, simply press the Sleep Mode button, which will make the purifier continue running at the same fan speed. To deactivate Sleep Mode, press the speed bar.

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