Stay Well Shower Infuser & 5 Pack Refills Bundle


Feel Fresh

Let us introduce you to a new and unique home shower experience. The Stay Well Shower Infuser reduces the chlorine in your shower water, which can lessen its drying effects. With our easy-to-install accessory, you can leave your hair and skin feeling softer and smoother. It can be added to your existing shower in just a few minutes.

  • The Stay Well Shower Infuser comes with a Vitamin C cartridge placed in the Shower infuser housing, along with a 5-pack of refill cartridges.
  • Cartridges have an approximate lifespan of 1 month (approximately 3,000 gallons or 10,000 liters of water) and should be replaced every 30 days.

Refresh your senses

The Stay Well Shower Infuser's innovative and transparent design allows you to watch the infusion process in action and to see when cartridges need replacing. Our refill pack makes it simple to swap in new cartridges in just minutes, so you'll never have to go another day without softer skin and hair.


Note: This system is designed for use with potable shower water only. It is not a drinking water filter. Testing of this product was performed under standard laboratory conditions; actual performance may vary. The infuser is not designed to have a direct effect on the skin after it leaves the infuser; it is designed for Vitamin C within the infuser to reduce the chlorine in the water. Non-FDA reviewed. 

Cartridge Replacement

  • Cartridge should be replaced when contents are less than 1/3 full
  • Each cartridge lasts for approximately 2,700 gallons
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  • Weight: 490 g
  • Infuser: 78 mm W x 180 mm H x 51 mm D, 240 g
  • 5 Pack Refills: 114.3 mm W x 127 mm H x 27.94 mm D, 250 g
  • Water Pressure: 2-8 kgf/cm2 (28.4-113.6 PSI)
  • Shower Pipe Connection: 1/2" (International Standard)

What's in the Box

  • Stay Well Shower Infuser and Cartridge
  • Stay Well Shower Infuser 5 Pack Refill Cartridges 
  • Installation Instructions